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Donors still can’t talk about the c-word

23 March 2012

The IDD blog has moved!

Our blog is now located at:

This article is now available at:

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  1. 24 March 2012 00:20

    Great post! The true peril on increasing your aid quantity and then also focusing on fragile states.

  2. 26 March 2012 19:47

    Perhaps ignoring Adam Smith and John Locke’s teachings on government and behaving like the Soviets did thirty years ago is the problem? Isn’t that the libertarian maxim? Government is the problem, not the solution? Governments’ track records throughout the 20th century were appalling and for the past ten years 44 countries have been beating up on the Students in Afghanistan (aren’t these the sons and grandsons of Thatcher’s beloved ‘Afghan Freedom Fighters’?).

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