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Rwanda’s Upcoming Presidential Elections

1 August 2010

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  1. 1 August 2010 20:05

    I don’t see any reference to the counter genocide that took place in Congo and in which more then 350.000 hutu refugees were butchered? Why not. What is the reason you ignore the solid facts concerning RPF crimes in Congo ? Are you a scolar or just a hobbyist? Sources are everywhere concerning Paul Kagame’s crimes.

  2. Danielle Beswick permalink
    12 August 2010 13:58

    My post deals specifically with the recent elections, for reasons of brevity it would be impossible to go through all aspects of Rwanda’s post-genocide politics that might be relevant. Whilst this post doesn’t deal specifically with Rwandan foreign policy, or Rwanda’s relationship with Congo, I have written elsewhere on these themes. Articles which I have published that include more detail on Rwandan foreign and security policy are available in The Round Table (2009, Vol. 98, No. 402) and Third World Quarterly (forthcoming, September 2010).

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